choc chip cookies // the messy muddles of memories


if i were to promise you that this bl0g post will neatly explain all my memories and associations surrounding chocolate chip cookies, then that would be a silly promise for me to make. how could I possibly summarise accurately and eloquently all that they mean to me? what you will get here is a disjointed rambling and a messy muddle of memories about chocolate chip cookies. because that’s what they are. messy muddles of memories that melt all over your fingers.

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a rainbow on a “blue monday”


today was apparently “blue monday.” I didn’t know this existed but I can understand it. but let’s not focus on the negatives, let’s try to focus on those little pleasurable things that make us happy. I know I always go on about that but it really is life changing! during these winter months being surrounded by greyer skies, chilly weather and bare branches I have managed to find a few little rainbows and rays of sunshine. amongst lovey-dovey acoustic song lyrics and cosy nights in with family and friends I have found comfort and colour in beautiful vegetables and fruits! what better way to add some colour into a gloomy day than through sunny lemons and rosy beets?

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