Hello everybody!


It’s been a while but here I am – I’ve come out on the other side! I’ve now left school and am probably about to live the freest time of my life, this summer. But still, I feel a little glum and teary. Understandably. I’m missing my friends a huge amount (it’s only been a day, I know!) and the fear of being forgotten is suddenly kicking in. I just miss the “being together,” I suppose. The late night chats in the kitchen over mugs of tea, the giggly strolls back to house from lessons, the incomprehensible chats with toothpaste-filled-mouths in the bathroom before bed… Anyway I don’t think I can go into too much about that just yet as it’s all a little too fresh and soon and I might explode into a puddle of tears and nobody wants that, do they now?!  So, let’s talk about other stuff (food) for now.

It is my goal this summer to not mope. I MUST NOT MOPE. Whilst not putting pressure on myself to do too much, because it is a holiday after all, I want to fill my days with activities and people I love rather than mope the days away. Being the worrier (searching for a way to become a warrior) that I am, however, I am the kind of person who will stress themselves out by over-planning relaxation. Here is a (slightly exaggerated?) example of my mind-work: I must fully relax therefore from 2:34 until 3:57 I must read at least Chapter 4 of this book, or else I cannot and will not be relaxed to the maximum. Why aren’t I relaxing? Can I relax please? I’m not relaxing, I’m just sitting here. How dare I just sit here. No, this is not a relaxing activity. It doesn’t fall under the list of relaxing activities I wrote down in page 8, subsection a) of my notebook.

As part of this anti-mope movement, one might call it, I am going to cook, bake and blog like crazy! Well this is the plan at least. No pressure. Because r e l a x a t i o n is the name of the game.

So now onto what I assume you’re all here for… THE FOOD! A little food diary of the day, if you will. Disclaimer: this way of eating is not an everyday occurrence. Just most days tehe. Today’s breakfast was two home-baked chocolate chip cookies. Hold up though. These weren’t just regular home-baked chocolate chip cookies. These were ‘put-a-smile-on-a-person’s-face’ home-baked chocolate chip cookies because they were the left overs from the gifts I made for my teachers. Audience: “awwwwww.” Plus they were what us healthy people call “nutritionally balanced”… *audience awaits explanation* because I held one in each hand —>”balanced”… That’s how it works? Duh. Don’t blame me, blame science and maths.

Then was unpacking. Then was lunch at Brasserie Blanc celebrating my graduation with my brother, parents and grandparents. Do English people call it “graduation?” I don’t know. That’s what my family have been calling it. The meal was delicious anyway. Let me enlighten you with a few pictures I took for you! (Unfortunately there is an absence of cookie photos because, well, to be honest, they disappeared too quickly for me to whip my phone out! They were gooooooood.)

Olives and bread to, you know, warm us up for the main events:


To start: Asparagus with a herb puree and lemon sabayon (look how beautiful!)


For main: Chickpea and coriander cakes with smoked aubergine puree and a roasted tomato sauce


For pudding: Madeleines with a hot chocolate dipping sauce (just what you need!)



Then was sunshine walks and admiring this dreamy cake shop window… Daydreaming of my own cake shop on the way home… Smiling!


Car journey back home: “Oh I’m stuffed. Oh I’m so full. I’m never eating ever again.”

Arrives home: “Where are the chocolate chips leftover from my baking?” *Finishes bag of chocolate chips* “It’s ok I’ll have a light dinner”

Takes brother to station with mum, stopping at petrol station on the way home: “Ohhhh PIZZA! Ohhhh JAMMIE DODGERS!”

Arrives home: *places pizza in oven* *eats Jammie Dodgers* *contemplates over Jammie Dodgers and their marvellousness*


*gets pizza out of oven* *eats said pizza with parents*


*admires Jammie Dodgers’ beauty* *takes pictures of Jammie Dodgers* *eats more Jammie Dodgers* *contemplates over Jammie Dodgers*



Anyway I need to head off to bed because…

Current situation: a wild Giggly Fig (that’s me) sits on her bed, in her red Benenden Leaver’s sweatshirt, surrounded by her Leavers’ Book, several copies of the Speech Day programme and various miscellaneous items from her unpacking attempt. She wears a pink clay face mask on her face as she worryingly believes that this face mask will detox her body of the copious chemically artificial ingredients, that she has consumed within the last 24 hours, through a curious process of clay calorie destruction, which occurs through the facial pores? She listens to Butterfly Fly Away by Miley Cyrus and quickly clicks away her blog post to find the recording of her and her guitar group’s (*forgets the word “rendition” and is convinced the word is “remonition,” spending 7 minutes googling the word “premonition”* *remembers word “rendition”*) rendition of the song. She tears up and smiles, laughing. Her 10-minute face mask cracks as she winces in pain, realising the 10-minute face mask has been left on for approximately 1.5 hours.

Yes, we all agree I need to go to bed? Well perhaps wash my face first and then go to bed? Yes.

But in conclusion: I love my friends and I love Jammie Dodgers. I miss them both dearly. But I’ll always come back to them and they’ll always find their way back to me. 

I will see you lovely lot all very soon and I hope you enjoyed this rather peculiar/confused post!



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