Times Are Changing… A New Chapter.

Hi everybody,

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I seem to have written those two words over and over again over the past three weeks but somehow it seems I have failed to press the publish button on any of those drafted posts. You see Mr Perfectionism and Mrs You’re Not Good Enough keep paying me unwanted visits, however, I am determined not to be defeated. Van Gogh (a wise man, who said many a wise thing) said: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” So that is what I shall do. I’ve decided to stop trying to write and to just write. Write whatever comes to mind. So here goes.

Briefly, for context, I am currently in France so the activities which predominantly fill these long summer days include: reading, sunbathing, cooking, baking, creating and contemplating/reflecting/daydreaming. This contemplation/reflection/daydreaming has lead to much attention to detail, or some might call it, overthinking. A close friend of mine and I were discussing overthinking and I had a eureka moment where I discovered that overthinking isn’t always bad. When we overthink in a positive way, I suppose you can call that ” really appreciating the little things.” So today I have been trying to filter out the negative overthinking and focus on the “really appreciating the little things” and that brings me here, to this blog post.

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The Day After Graduation: Nostalgia, Pizza and Jammie Dodgers

Hello everybody!


It’s been a while but here I am – I’ve come out on the other side! I’ve now left school and am probably about to live the freest time of my life, this summer. But still, I feel a little glum and teary. Understandably. I’m missing my friends a huge amount (it’s only been a day, I know!) and the fear of being forgotten is suddenly kicking in. I just miss the “being together,” I suppose. The late night chats in the kitchen over mugs of tea, the giggly strolls back to house from lessons, the incomprehensible chats with toothpaste-filled-mouths in the bathroom before bed… Anyway I don’t think I can go into too much about that just yet as it’s all a little too fresh and soon and I might explode into a puddle of tears and nobody wants that, do they now?!  So, let’s talk about other stuff (food) for now.

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