Hello everybody,


How are you all doing? Don’t ask me how I’m doing or I might just explode into a puddle of tears and force you to look at the long list of essays in my prep diary, hoping you’ll somehow magically make them go away! Yes, that’s right. This is one of those blog posts One of those Imwritingthisblogposttoavoidworking blog posts. Somehow I think this is a solution… It’s not. But it makes me happy! Sorry mum, sorry dad. I promise I do work occasionally! Anyway, no need to worry, it will be a short and sweet one… Hehe. Sweet. Because it’s a sweet treat. The jokes (if you can call them that) get worse and worse… Deepest apologies. It’s what happens as the A Level year progresses. By the time exam season arrives, everything seems funny in comparison to work, so be prepared for those “jokes!”



So on that positive note, let’s begin! This week’s recipe is another healthy one (don’t worry once Easter hits, so will all the chocolatey recipes!). But, not a word of a lie, this is one of the most popular snacks I’ve brought back to school for my friends… believe me I have brought in a fair few! Superfood energy balls. A recipe from The Happy Pear, who I told you a bit about in my previous blog post (super guys), but the recipe is very personalise-able (?!) in that you can swap in whatever sweeteners, dried fruits, nut butters, superfood powders, stuff you roll them in etc. that you prefer!


Even though they are super healthy they don’t have that healthy taste. You know the one. Cardboardy, bland.. Nah, none of that! Sweet, nutty and a-little-bit-naughty tasting! Perfect for that 4 o’clock slump or for some of us (me) all day slump.



So this is a link to the original recipe and method video but since I changed a few things up I will write my ingredients list down here (method is exactly the same as in video):

Almond Butter


Agave syrup (I liked the Rich and Dark variety for this to add a molasses, toffee-like flavour, but Light and Mild variety worked well too!)

Medjool dates – if you can’t get these, get normal dates and soak them in water for a while so they’re more soft and blend-able (look at all this new/incorrect vocab!)

Milled flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds and goji berries (instead of ground flax) – this is what the bag looks like, you can get it in Waitress and health food shops

Sesame seeds

Vanilla extract

Raw cacao powder (instead of spirulina)


Honestly, they’re so delicious and so addictive. Give them ago and tell me they’re not yummy! (You won’t be able to tell me that, because they are yummy. No matter what you say. Oh, the attitude! Sorry, got carried away there.)

Anyway to all my millions (approx. 50) readers out there.. Have a great week and pray for me and all my essays! Also, you have Florence food diaries to look forward to in a couple of weeks… You lucky bunch!





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