Superfood Energy Balls

Hello everybody,


How are you all doing? Don’t ask me how I’m doing or I might just explode into a puddle of tears and force you to look at the¬†long list of essays in my prep diary, hoping you’ll somehow magically make them go away! Yes, that’s right. This is one of those blog posts One of those¬†Imwritingthisblogposttoavoidworking blog posts. Somehow I think this is a solution… It’s not. But it makes me happy! Sorry mum, sorry dad. I promise I do work occasionally! Anyway, no need to worry, it will be a short and sweet one… Hehe. Sweet. Because it’s a sweet treat. The jokes (if you can call them that) get worse and worse… Deepest apologies. It’s what happens as the A Level year progresses. By the time exam season arrives, everything seems funny in comparison to work, so be prepared for those “jokes!”

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