Superfood Energy Balls

Hello everybody,


How are you all doing? Don’t ask me how I’m doing or I might just explode into a puddle of tears and force you to look at the long list of essays in my prep diary, hoping you’ll somehow magically make them go away! Yes, that’s right. This is one of those blog posts One of those Imwritingthisblogposttoavoidworking blog posts. Somehow I think this is a solution… It’s not. But it makes me happy! Sorry mum, sorry dad. I promise I do work occasionally! Anyway, no need to worry, it will be a short and sweet one… Hehe. Sweet. Because it’s a sweet treat. The jokes (if you can call them that) get worse and worse… Deepest apologies. It’s what happens as the A Level year progresses. By the time exam season arrives, everything seems funny in comparison to work, so be prepared for those “jokes!”

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