Hi everybody!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and ate far more than you should have! I think I personally excelled myself this year in the food eating department. No guilt, no regrets.. Mostly pride. I still can’t believe how much food my tummy took. I just kept eating and eating, waiting for that okIneedtostopnowbecauseImightbesickmoment, but it never came.. “Are you still not full, Sureyya?” “No. No I’m not,” I say Christmas cake in one hand and spoonful of trifle in the other. Pure happiness in that moment. I’ve got food in either hand, I’ve got food on my plate, I’ve got more food to take from the buffet. Everyone else seems to be “stuffed.” I know I don’t understand either. Mind you, they probably didn’t do enough training. And by training I mean expanding the tummy, something I’m an expert at doing. Day by day, you’ve got to up that calorie intake and, voila, you are left with a bottomless pit for a stomach on Christmas Day. What everybody wants. I mean, not that I’ve experienced this feeling, as I am blessed with an eternal bottomless pit stomach, but it must be awful looking at something and being desperate to eat it, but you can’t find room to squeeze it in… Imagine!


So here I am, the morning after. Everything is still a bit puffed out. I feel like the bloating even reached my fingers this year. Yes, my fingers are bloated is what I’m saying. Now you’re all going to put your judgey faces on now but I’m still craving a little something sweet.. I know the yule log, christmas cake, trifle, biscuits and chocolates just didn’t seem to do it for me. Now, it’s probably just me, it always is, but I thought I should post this quick recipe just in case anybody else was feeling the same. Also, we have to keep the bottomless pit bottomless because although Christmas is over, we still have New Year to prepare for. New Year is the Olympics of eating in my house, therefore intense and constant training must be in order.


So, chocolate porridge. I’d seen it on the internet, in Nigella’s book, on blogs, so I thought I must give it a go and now was the time to do it! I made up this recipe as I was going and didn’t half expect it to be so tasty.. But lemme tell you it was soooo delicious and just what I needed! I had to tell you all about it.


The recipe: (makes 2 small bowls, one big bowl, of porridge) 

40g porridge oats

300ml almond milk/milk of your choice

2 heaped tsp raw cacao/cocoa powder

1 small, ripe banana, mashed

1/2 tsp cinnamon 

1 wooden spoonful of agave syrup/honey/sweetener of your choice

1 tsp vanilla extract


Put the milk and the porridge oats in a pan on a medium heat

Keep stirring the porridge as it cooks to keep a creamy consistency 

When the porridge is at a desired consistency (I like mine quite thick and creamy, others may prefer it looser) take it off the heat and add the raw cacao/cocoa powder, banana, cinnamon, agave/sweetener and vanilla 

Once everything is well mixed decant into a bowl/bowls 

Top with anything you like… I went for coconut and pistachio but it’s up to you! 

An indulgent breakfast made a bit lighter and healthier with good ingredients! It’s creamy, it’s chocolatey.. It’s perfect to get that sweet fix.


Enjoy this and I’ll see you all very soon with photos of my yule log from Christmas Day… Mmmm!




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