Hi everybody!


Only 3 sleeps to go… And we all know what that means… Only 3 sleeps to go until you have to have your mince pie cookies baked! We better get a wiggle on then!

Now, people who don’t like mince pies, just hear me out. I understand that a mince pie can be overwhelming with it’s high filling to pastry ratio. The spices can be too intense or the texture of the fruit might not be your cup of tea but suddenly everything seems ok when you put it into a cookie. You see, the cookie understands. The cookie says: “Hey. I know it’s all getting a bit too much for you with mince pie over there. I understand. So let me just mellow things down for you a little.” With a hint of warming spices and a little gem of fruit here and there, these mince pie cookies are here to give you a big Christmas cuddle.


Seriously guys, if there is anything that has a good chance of converting you from a mince pie hater to a mince pie lover (or a mince pie Icanjustaboutstomachthis-er) then I reckon it’s these mince pie cookies. Soft and chewy in texture with gentle mixed spices that dance on your tongue and succulent, plump little pieces of dried fruit that pop with flavour… How could you not?! Go on, give it a go… My grandma usually hates mincemeat but with one sample bite of my brother’s cookie a little grin appeared on her face (the “that’s not so bad, that’s really quite yummy” grin of surprise) and soon enough her hand reached out to grab a cookie of her own… Hasn’t that story inspired you enough? No? Oh come on, I can’t be here persuading you all day… I’ve got cakes to make and biscuits to bake! No… ha… of course not… only joking…haha… obviously I’m going to be doing my Spanish holiday work and my English holiday work and my History of Art holiday work… which I’ve of course started and made great progress on… *nervous/guilty laughter*

“… because work takes priority over baking…” – Mummy/every single member of my family.. A difficult concept to grasp really. Amirite fellow foodie baker students?


So the recipe is fairly straight forward. I found it in my Jamie Oliver magazine and thought “good golly, I must try these out!” And so I did. And so I fell in love. Pop ingredients in bowl. Pop cookie dough on baking paper. Pop tray of cookie dough into oven… Mince Pie Cookies! Before I head off, I’d just like to say the cookie dough is a very soft one, almost like a very thick cake batter. That’s what makes it all lavlyyy and chewy! Don’t panic you haven’t done it wrong – you’re right on track. You won’t be able to roll it out or handle it so I suggest using a tablespoon to dollop it onto the tray and flattening them out a bit with a wet finger (stops your fingers from sticking to dough as much), before adding the mincemeat on top. Pressing them down a bit helps them find their cookie shape but don’t worry too much about it because they will spread naturally in the oven.


The recipe worked marvellously and if not on your coffee table at tea time on Christmas Day or at any other time of the day, for that matter, I’m sure Father Christmas would appreciate one next to his glass of milk on Christmas Eve! Tie up with string and put a tag on it… The perfect food gift!



HAPPY BAKING and MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don’t write to you before then… ❤


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