Hi everybody!

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5 sleeps ’til Christmas and I can hardly wait.. The house is filled with aromas of cinnamon spice and all things nice, the presents are under the tree and we certainly have decked the halls rather splendidly!


Tonight, I’m giving you a lovely recipe to make from Brazil.. Oohh multicultural! It’s called brigadeiro and it’s made of just 3 ingredients, 3 of my favourite ingredients, might I add: condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter. Whack them in a bowl/pan and heat them up in a microwave/on the hob and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, you’ve got Brigadeiro! It can be served hot, straight from the bowl with a teaspoon or can be cooled in the fridge to form the best sweet treat ever! It’s chewy, it’s sweet, it’s chocolatey, it’s the ultimate naughty treat, perfect for a little Nigella moment… You know, when the you get that craving for something sweet and indulgent to pop into your mouth. This is perfect for that!


But this is actually a variation of the sweet called “brigacake,” which means it has a little morsel of cake in the middle. I used the sponge recipe from my coconut cake pops but I think they usually use a carrot cake sponge.. But frankly go crazy and experiment using you’re favourite sponge recipe. I think a denser cake works better but it’s totally up to you! The cake inside is optional, feel free to make a plain, solid brigadeiro rolled in your toppings of choice. Just as tasty!

DSC_0717I know, I’m spoiling you all: cocoa powder, condensed milk, butter and cake… Not to mention all the toppings of chocolate sprinkles, crushed speculoos biscuits and desiccated coconut! Gosh, you are a lucky lot. But only if you make it, because otherwise you’ll just be salivating over my ones and that makes me sad that I can’t share this decadent experience with you all.. So go on, what are you waiting for? The recipe is simple, it goes like this…


Make the sponge cake first so that it has time to cool. The tin you use depends on the volume of cake mixture you have – a traybake tin is usually best so that you can get a nice shallow layer of cake, which is easy to cut into small squares. Leave to cool completely, putting it in the fridge is best, so that it is really easy to neatly cut into squares. Neatness doesn’t matter too much here because the cake will be wrapped up in the gorgeous brigadeiro.

Speaking of which, now you need to make your brigadeiro! There are plenty of recipes out there but I just followed this one.. It is in Brazilian so be sure to put the subtitles on otherwise you might end up with a very different type of brigadeiro..! You can also follow this video, which is the same recipe, but in English.. It is only in the first part of the video (0:14-2:36) but do watch the rest of the video because those recipes are smashing too! Here is the written out recipe too.

Once your brigadeiro is cooled, grease your palms with oil and press some of the brigadeiro mix into a flat circle. Pop a cube of cake into the middle and wrap the brigadeiro around it. Roll it into a ball and roll that ball into your toppings… Sorted!

Enjoy these brigadeiro Christmas truffles and I’ll see you very soon with my next delicious recipe.. Mince pie cookies! Brace yourselves.. It’s a good ‘un!






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