Chocolate Porridge

Hi everybody!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and ate far more than you should have! I think I personally excelled myself this year in the food eating department. No guilt, no regrets.. Mostly pride. I still can’t believe how much food my tummy took. I just kept eating and eating, waiting for that okIneedtostopnowbecauseImightbesickmoment, but it never came.. “Are you still not full, Sureyya?” “No. No I’m not,” I say Christmas cake in one hand and spoonful of trifle in the other. Pure happiness in that moment. I’ve got food in either hand, I’ve got food on my plate, I’ve got more food to take from the buffet. Everyone else seems to be “stuffed.” I know I don’t understand either. Mind you, they probably didn’t do enough training. And by training I mean expanding the tummy, something I’m an expert at doing. Day by day, you’ve got to up that calorie intake and, voila, you are left with a bottomless pit for a stomach on Christmas Day. What everybody wants. I mean, not that I’ve experienced this feeling, as I am blessed with an eternal bottomless pit stomach, but it must be awful looking at something and being desperate to eat it, but you can’t find room to squeeze it in… Imagine!

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