Hi everybody!

Two posts in one week? I’m on a roll! Today, I’m here to show you some of the lovely goodies that my brother and parents brought back for me from Austria and New York.

I guess a disadvantage of boarding is that I miss out on a few family outings or trips but the positive in this is that I get a lot of pity presents. All it takes is FaceTime-ing my parents, telling them how much I miss them, telling them how much work I have and telling them how tired I am, plus giving them a couple of puppy dog faces here and there. Next thing you know, you arrive home to a bed full of gifts. In my case, these were foodie gifts. Forget a Chanel handbag, give me a couple bags of chocolates and biscuits and I am as happy as can be. I love that people know I’m a foodie now. It means all my presents are either food or about food! Splendid.

Reading that paragraph back, I’ve made myself sound horrible, as if I pretend to miss my family for food… Definitely not! I miss them sososo much, you can’t imagine, but they know that already. (2 terms to go, Mum, Dad and Raufi!)

So this term I’ve been especially lucky because my parents went to Austria and my brother went to New York, therefore I got double the goodies! Now. Here’s the thing. When you get home to a bed topped with a lot of chocolate (and I mean a lot of chocolate), after a two hour bus journey and you haven’t had lunch yet, there is a high probability that you are going to pounce and try to fit in as much chocolate at once as is possible. Well, that’s what I do anyway and this was absolutely the case when I came home for the weekend, last Friday. However, unfortunately, this was after a short delay. A delay caused by overwhelming variety and important yet difficult decision making: do I have the Hershey’s or the Nutter Butter first? The point I’m trying to get to here, in a very long-winded fashion, is that I scoffed down a couple of the treats, which were supposed to go into this food haul, before I had the chance to photograph them.. These were most of my American treats from my brother hence the minimal amount of American treats in this haul… Oopsies! (so add to this haul with your imagination: Pretzel M&Ms, Hershey’s Cookies and Creme Drops, Golden Oreos and Nutter Butter Biscuits)

The funny thing is that I was eating these treats whilst trying to fit into a very fitted dress for a singing performance at the Gherkin the next night (yes, you heard me, the Gherkin! But that’s a story for another time…). Well, I say funny know, but at the time it was v.stressful and slightly traumatic. As I held a tub of Pretzel M&Ms and Hershey’s Cookies and Creme Drops in one hand and threw them into my mouth with my other hand, my mum was trying to zip up my dress from the back as I looked down despairingly to see my tummy slowly growing and bulging out of the dress. “Breath in, Suri! Suck your tummy in! We can do this!” The zip finally budged and glided up the dress and my mum and I breathed a sigh of relief. The dress fit, although I had a slightly pregnant look about me and surprisingly, I didn’t really want to have a pregnant look about me when singing at a fancy Bond-themed event at the Gherkin.. So my mum and I concluded that despite how extraordinarily painful it would be, I would had to resist the Pretzel M&Ms and Hershey’s Cookies and Creme Drops and all the other goodies until the performance was over and I could replace the fitted black dress with my trackie bottoms. Nightmare! Although everything did taste 1234567890 times better having had to wait for so long…

Anyway enough of my rambling, let’s crack on with the good stuff!

First up, my personal favourite… Lebkuchen! A traditional baked German Christmas treat quite similar to soft gingerbread. A deliciously, spiced biscuits, which has the most comforting warmth to it… Take that.. And coat it in chocolate! And there you have it… an incredible Christmas treat. Sweet enough for indulgence, but light enough to be temptingly moreish.


Next up, almond speculoos biscuits. So for those of you who don’t know what speculoos, maybe the words Biscoff and Lotus biscuits will ring a few bells? That is speculoos. If you don’t recognise those words… You have not lived! A speculoos biscuit is a thin, spiced shortbread-like cookie (crisp yet melt-in-the-mouth). Although spiced, the biscuit has more of a caramel flavour that just sits on the palette beautifully. And as if speculoos biscuits aren’t good enough, they only went and added bloomin’ almonds to them too! What a flavour combo. It’s almost as if, while they were rolling out the dough, they were asking me to eat the whole pack at once! Mind you, they’re so thin they probably only amount to a couple calories per biscuit… right?


In the spiffing (if I may so myself) photos below you can see chocolate covered oreos. I don’t think there’s much explaining to do here. It’s Oreos. Covered in chocolate. ‘Nuff said!


Inside these beautifully coloured foil wrappers lie a lot of excitement (well for me anyway!) It turns out, Lindor have so many more flavours than you thought! In America you can go to a Lindt store and do a pick and mix bag of all the flavours you like – and that’s exactly what my big bro went and did for me! BEST BROTHER EVER. Infinite good brother points go to you Rauf! The ones Rauf chose for me were: Stracciatella, Caramel with Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Citrus, Irish Cream and PEANUT BUTTER (I REPEAT PEANUT BUTTER) My personal favourites were the Irish Cream and the peanut butter (if you couldn’t tell by my Capslock before).


Now, these little balls and discs here are something quite special. Actually, let me correct myself, extremely special. There are 2 different types of balls and a disc. One ball is made up of a ball of pistachio marzipan and a layer of soft nougat, encased in a shell of dark chocolate. The other is plain marzipan and a layer of praline creme, encased in again, in a shell of dark chocolate. The discs are filled with layers of marzipan cream and light and dark praline cream and then is coated in milk chocolate. I have been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to pick a favourite but I’ve decided it’s not possible – they are all simply exquisite! Absolutely stunning chocolates, inside and out!



Next up are some good old fashioned biccies. Two flavours: ‘Almond Speculoos’ and ‘Ultimate Chocolate.’ Let me take you through this simply: 1) ‘Ultimate Chocolate’… It’s chocolate.. which is ultimate. It’s gonna be good. 2) ‘Almond Speculoos’… You know my feelings about Almond Speculoos (if not see above rave about Almond Speculoos) – SU-PERB. Especially if you dunk it in milk or, even better, a hot choccie! The chocolatey base goes all melty and… just.. Wow.


And last, but certainly not least – Hershey’s Candy Corn Bar! As I said in my previous blog post (if you haven’t read it.. what are you waiting for?! It’s about chocolate cake!) I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but it’s things like this chocolate bar, that make nights like Halloween just about bearable. I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate either so I was doubly negative about this bar before tasting it. But, you know what, as my good friend Mary Berry would say… It was “a bit of alright!” In other words, creamy white chocolate with little hits of crunchiness.. Don’t mind if I do!


Anyway, I think that’s quite enough of my rambles and waffling for one blog post but I really hope you enjoyed this post. Something a little bit different but nevertheless enjoyable I hope! I hope you also appreciate the photos – I’m trying my best to improve with every post I do! Give this post a like, leave me a comment and for sure share it with alllll your lovely friends! Give the blog a cheeky follow too, if you like!

Toodle pip for now! πŸ™‚


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