Tahini Cookies

Hi everybody!


This week I’m here to tell you about these scrrruuumptious tahini cookies! I’m going to warn you now, these cookies are dangerous. Not too sweet, but definitely sweet enough, they will have you going back and forth, in and out, of the the kitchen, going back for more. And the worst part is that there is no hiding it. Their gorgeous nutty aroma can be sensed from miles away. As you open the tin, your secret is revealed but before anyone has time to judge you, they’re lured in and entranced by the tahini cookie. Before you know it, all that’s left is an empty biscuit tin and a pile of  crumbs… Oh! I should write a thriller! Maybe not if the only storyline I can come up with is people eating cookies…

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Hi everybody,

IMG_4556 (1)

This week, as promised, I’m going to be telling you all about the desserts we had in Turkey.  I use the pronoun “we” so it doesn’t sound like I ate them all… Although, let’s face it, I probably did eat most of them! No regrets. None. Worth every (1000) calories.

(No I am not going to address the elephant in the room which is that I haven’t blogged in over a month, I know you were all thinking it – I have no excuse.. let’s not talk about it. Well actually since I’ve brought it up now, I might as well say SORRYSORRYSORRY!)

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