Hi everybody,


Long time no see! Totally my fault.. Ive been enjoying the lovely turkish weather! You can’t blame me for that..

Also, just a little apology for the lack of recipe blog posts. I’ve been abroad for most of my holiday so it has been difficult to bake and cook things and when I have cooked it has mostly been really light, simple salads. I may still upload those salads as recipes as some of them were so delicious and their freshness and simplicity was much appreciated after all the hard-core sunbathing!

Anywayyy, I’m in Turkey at the moment (as you probably gathered from the first couple sentences of the post) and as some of you may know, and the rest of you can imagine, the food in Turkey is spiffulent – to quote from Miranda. The savoury dishes are packed full of flavour and the sweet treats are definitely very sweet! Some call it ‘sickly sweet’ but I would call it ‘perfect.’ So if you have a sweet tooth, Turkey is where you want to be, because that is where it’s alllllll going on…! (Blog post on turkish desserts coming soon… Stay tuned!)

We’ve been staying in a beautiful resort in Belek and the main dining system here is buffet. The dreaded all-you-can-eat buffet!

Me before Turkey: it’s going to be so much easier to be healthy with the buffet system because I can choose exactly what goes on my plate. It’s all about making the right decisions.

Me after Turkey: shut up past Suri, we all knew you were going to eat all the Baklava!

Ok, I exaggerate. I didn’t eat all the Baklava and I managed to restrain myself better than expected but of course I still allowed myself a sweet treat everyday because you’re mad if you go (say in annoying voice) “sugar-free” when you’re in Turkey!

However, apart from the buffet there is also a beach bar which offers you classic soups, salads and sandwiches but in terms of Turkish specialities Pide (Turkish pizza) or grilled fish/meat. We thought one lunch we’d take a break from the buffet and we asked the chefs at the bar to prepare us whatever they recommended in terms of fresh, light, seafood dishes.

I took some photos, making the most of the natural lighting which isn’t always at my disposal, and wanted to share them with you all! I hope you enjoy the photos 🙂


To start – spicy, smoky tomato and red pepper dip, two grilled aubergine mezzes, hummus and a yoghurt and mint dip. So many flavours and beautiful, vibrant colours!



This was the scooping device, if you will, and what a fun scooping device t’was. Now before I explain its ‘funness’ I just want to say that I still don’t know whether this bread is called pide or lavash. I’ve seen it under both names on the interwebs so I am going to call it ‘pidash.’ This is not a very attractive name and I am hoping that it doesn’t mean anything rude in another language. (Insert – I just Googled this to ensure that there was no explicit content on this blog and I can confirm that it doesn’t mean anything rude.) So basically when it arrives at the table it’s like a big balloon of bread. (Unfortunately I couldn’t catch it at the ‘balloon-stage’ because before I could take a photo someone excitedly jabbed a knife into it, letting all the steam out. Doh!) So when the steam comes out and the ‘balloon’ deflates you’re left with this light, paper-thin, slightly crispy bread to dunk in your dips.. I do love a good dunk!


Next up to accompany our starter we had a classic green salad with a vinaigrette dressing, topped with some cherry toms and a twisted grissini. Simple yet effective!





Now for me, this seafood starter was the star of the show! Crispy, fresh-out-the-frier(and-out-the-sea) calamari rings and spicy, sticky prawns which were probably my favourite part of the whole meal! Out of this world! Served with a homemade, chunky tartare sauce, some salad leaves, tomatoes and a sprig of thyme.



And then last, but certainly not least, two beautiful, melt-in-the-mouth, barbecued fillets of sea bass! It just fell apart when I came to cut it, it was studded with fiery peppercorns and there the aroma of the smokey coal from the barbecue that came off it.. Heavenly! Served with salad a lemony, zesty sauce (which to be honest I wasn’t really interested in!) and a couple bits of veg.

So there it is, a few photos for you to enjoy and salivate over! See you next time where you’ll be checking out all the goodstuff.. The desserts!

Toodles! 🙂


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