Hi everybody! IMG_3882 Last night I went to a charming little restaurant called Le Prose in the Hôtel Méditerranée. We’d been before but hadn’t been back for a couple of years.. I don’t know what was going through our heads! I’d come here everyday if I could. (Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I’m in a very complimentary mood). This is a small, local, boutique hotel near our house in France, La Grande Motte, and it has such a lovely atmosphere. The restaurant is situated under an ‘umbrella’ of trees and the waiting staff are all very friendly. So if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods then I couldn’t recommend it enough! I took some photos of my starter, main course and dessert and thought I would share them with you. Yes, I had three courses, don’t look at me like that! P.S. Before we start, I’m very sorry for the deterioration of the photo quality. I couldn’t help the setting of the sun unfortunately so the photography and lighting of the dessert is most unflattering. So as a palette cleanser or an “amuse-bouche,” as they like to say in France we had a watermelon and mint gazpacho. And it definitely lived up to its title as an “amuse-bouche” as my bouche was most amused! It was refreshing and very delicious. IMG_3872 IMG_3874 Next up for the starter I chose this stunning dish of wasabi crab served in a chilled cucumber soup. It was very fresh, light and tasty as all dishes should be in the summer! The presentation was also beautiful (note my liberal use of italics in this post to show you my adoration for the restaurant) – I mean look at those colours! This was by far my favourite dish in terms of presentation (as you can see by my putting of it as the main photo – I don’t know if that made any sense as an English sentence but you catch my drift) but the main course might have just won on flavour… IMG_3879 IMG_3882 IMG_3881 For my main course I had this gorgeous dish. I’m running out of adjectives to describe all the dishes because they were all so darn good and I want to choose words which do them justice.. There’s just so much pressure! Ok, I’m going to stop jabbering on now and tell you about the dish. What we have here is scallops served with mashed potato, summer vegetables and a beautiful (see? now I’ve repeated “beautiful”..) saffron sauce. Such delicate and subtle flavours but so beautifully balanced. And the scallops were perfectly cooked and I was muy (oh! I’ve gone spanish.. look at me being all multicultural!) glad about this as I hate a rubbery scallop. I also thought the presentation on this plate was very clever as they tightly wrapped the six scallops together with a leek and I assume they cooked it like this too. Practical and beautiful! (Third time I’ve said “beautiful” but who’s counting…Me. I am.) IMG_3895 IMG_3897 Now for the appallingly photographed dessert.. I’m sorry! But to be honest there wasn’t much too it. It was just a fruit salad. Woah, woah, woah hold the phone. You see that beautiful mint green blob on top? (“Blob” – that’s what the professionals call it.) Not just a green blob.. That was a mojito granita. And that little “blob” just raised the game. It added a pop of cool freshness to every mouthful and was a really nice, cleansing note to end the meal on. IMG_3907 (1) So all in all, superb! I couldn’t fault it. I thoroughly enjoyed every course, every mouthful, every bite! Anyway.. I’m off to try and finish my personal statement now and this time I won’t procrastinate by writing another blog post.. We hope! Toodles! 🙂


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