Simple Courgette, Tuna, Tomato, Olive and Chilli Pasta

Hi everbody! (sorry about the loooooooongg title, I couldn’t think of a fun name so just listed all the main ingredients…I hope you don’t mind!)


Just a quick healthy interlude before we get onto the sweet, sticky desserts of Turkey (next blog post!). I missed doing recipe blog posts and I made this pasta today, literally an hour ago, and it was so delicious yet so easy that I thought you’d appreciate me sharing it.

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Hi everybody,


Long time no see! Totally my fault.. Ive been enjoying the lovely turkish weather! You can’t blame me for that..

Also, just a little apology for the lack of recipe blog posts. I’ve been abroad for most of my holiday so it has been difficult to bake and cook things and when I have cooked it has mostly been really light, simple salads. I may still upload those salads as recipes as some of them were so delicious and their freshness and simplicity was much appreciated after all the hard-core sunbathing!

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