Hi everybody!


So I don’t know if you remember but last year I made my mum this delicious birthday cake. Two vanilla sponges sandwiched with shop bought lemon curd, lemon buttercream and topped with some more buttercream and some strawbs.

photo 7

This cake was a huge success and it was such a big success (don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything) that it was requested again this year for my brother’s 20th. So my next challenge was to figure out how to up my game. After some deliberation I concluded that that was going to be 2 things.

1) Home made lemon curd – blow their minds with an epic, smooth, creamy curd.. which was homemade!

2) Wow on presentation – I won’t lie last year’s decoration for this cake was a bit dodge.. I mean it was cute but the swirls were a bit IdonthaveenoughfrostingtocoverthecakesomaybeIcanjustdosomeswirlsandspotsanditwillbeokbutnowthatIvedonethemitlooksabitfunnybutIcantgetridofitnowsoIllhavetomakedo.. Sorry that one went on a bit!


{ 3) Moister sponge – I don’t know why or how but the sponge this year was moister but due to the lack of reasoning behind it and the fact that it was unplanned, I don’t think this really counts! Hence the brackets.. }


The only downfall of this ring shape was that you only got, in effect, half a slice.. But that didn’t matter.. We just cut extra big ones!


So here I have it.. Lemon Birthday Cake.. The Upgrade! I was very pleased with this one. It was bolder and more special looking – it was all for you bro!

For the recipe: refer to Lemon Birthday Cake

But just a few instructions for the decoration and assembly:

Once cooled cut the middle of the cake/two cakes, if you used sandwich tins, out (and eat it) – I did this by getting a circular water glass and just pushing it into the cake but you could also just cut around anything round, which is a good size

Cut the cake in half to produce two rings (this step isn’t necessary if you used sandwich tins)

Fill the middle with lemon curd (generously) and put your other cake on top – recipe for curd

Roughly spread the buttercream on top

Chop strawberries in half and decorate top of cake using a variety of sizes of strawberry and also make some show the interior of the strawberry and some the outside to give you more colours (Tip: Don’t use the larger strawberries close to the inner/outer edge or they will start to slide and droop down!)




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