As I sit here in my dormitory, I know a secret nobody knows. Nobody saw me. Nobody noticed. Nobody knows that I just made myself some chocolate french toast. (They will eventually find out when they find the one full jar of chocolate spread, half used up) But for now it’s my little secret!

I never usually blog a recipe on the same day that I make it, because, as you know, Sureyya’s a bit of a slow blogger. But I’m sitting here in my room having just made it for myself and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. BECAUSE IT WAS SO DARN TASTY. Buttery, chocolatey, crispy on the outside, gooey and fluffy on the inside, have I convinced you enough? French toast. With chocolate. Fried in butter.

So why has something as simple as a fried chocolate sandwich made me so happy? Let me tell you the emotional roller coaster of a day I’ve had. So I wake up at 10 o’clock and life is good. I’m having a shower and then the stupid automatic lights turn off but I’m not going to let that get me down. I continue showering until I realise how small the shower room actually is and how hot it is. I start to feel dizzy so I try to sit down and I slip. (Sorry if you heard that humungous bang) I can’t take it anymore I rinse and repeat and all that jazz in one minute flat and I bust open the shower door, walking to my room as if nothing has happened, very much appreciating the fresh cold air.

A whole hour until brunch and my tummy is making all kinds of noises. I slump down on my bed, put on some Sorted Food and just relax. I go to brunch with the intentions of having a healthy day. A new me. I was no-longer going to be the person who took the syrup drenched pancakes and the crispy, golden, greasy (oh gadd) hash browns. I was going to be that annoying person who took a fresh fruit salad and oats with yoghurt and egg “for my protein.” (Pfft as if I workout and I need protein!) But I was that annoying person, just for that half an hour or so. And it felt great. I was on top of the world. But as I meander back to house, my dissatisfaction starts to kick in and visions of pastries and pancakes float around in my head.

Shake it off, Sureyya. This is the new refined sugar-free you. I strut up to my room because I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no carbs (well I was) and boredom hits me. It’s not as easy as you think, doing nothing, you know? So why not call my family? I’m just chatting and telling everyone how bored I am when they start listing possible things I could do. Swimming and gym came up, but let’s face it.. Sureyya doesn’t go to the gym. I mean, it’s just a nasty experience for everyone involved. Myself and the spectators. Then packing comes up and I’m like, hmmm can I be productive? No. And then baking is suggested and my ears prick up. I say “K bye!” and I’m on the hunt for ingredients.

How can I make this work? I want cake but I have no flour or sugar or scales.. I’ll go to the village shop! Nope, no you won’t because it’s raining. I’ll go find my matron! Nope, no you won’t because she’s off duty. Sureyya slumps back onto the bed, arms crossed with a grumpy face. She sends some grumpy texts to her parents and continues thinking. Think, think, think. I needed something to save me from this misery. What ingredients did I have? Milk, eggs, butter, bread and spreads.. CHOCOLATE FRENCH TOAST. Chocolate french toast would be the one to save me.

Here is the recipe:

Whisk one egg with 2 tbsp milk (it doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use, just don’t for god’s sake use almond milk because.. it’s annoying. Stop trying to make a fried chocolate sandwich healthy.)

Make a chocolate sandwich and lay it in the bowl of egg and milk. Let it soak up half the eggy mixture and flip it so that it soaks up the other half.


Get your frying pan really hot and add a generous knob of butter.

When your butter is bubbling and calling out for a chocolate sandwich put the sandwich in the pan and fry until golden and crispy. Flip and do the same for the other side.

IMG_2342 IMG_2346\

IMG_2347 IMG_2354

Slice it up and shove it in your gob. Rejoice.
IMG_2362 IMG_2365

So the moral of the story is, it’s the simple things that make you happy. Go and make this if you’re feeling a bit down and it need of a carby cuddle. It’s so easy and simple yet it has made me so happy. You just need to give your body what it wants. Comfort food is the best kind of food! This recipe is also great because although it feels really special it’s very easy and super if you want something a little more indulgent at school! It’s less the recipe I wanted to share with you, but more the idea of doing simple things to make you happy. For me that just happened to be making chocolate french toast! So what if your jeans are a bit tighter? So what if you don’t have a “thigh gap?” So what? You are happy, isn’t that more important? Im not saying eat this all day everyday, but don’t feel guilty about it if you do. “Do more of what makes you happy..” ❤

IMG_2371 IMG_2373 IMG_2375 IMG_2379 IMG_2383 IMG_2385

Happy Sunday, I hope you enjoyed this little post and I’ll see you soon!


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