IMG_1585 Today I’m here to tell you about (or rather, show you) the gooiest, the chocolatiest, the fudgiest, the fruitiest brownies which are perfect for every occasion whether it be for a picnic, a summer dessert or just to bake with your friends to scoff and eat the whole batch in one. They’re super fun and super easy to make and despite their simplicity look very impressive! (Well, I think they look impressive, if I do say so myself!)

The other week, I went to a picnic at my old school to be reunited with all my lovely school friends and teachers. After sitting in the kitchen for about an hour straight flicking through all my cookbooks and scrolling through pages and pages of recipes on the internet I came across the cheesecake brownie: a brownie swirled with a plain or flavoured creamy cheesecake filling. I was stuck between doing the orange version and the raspberry version but eventually decided on raspberry as I thought it would be more summery and the pink would be more suited to us girly girls! The recipe is by a fellow blogger called Sally’s Baking Addiction and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I baked these brownies after an extremely long and tiring day of shopping for summer so I really needed the recipe to be hassle free and thank God it was! These went down a treat and I will definitely be baking them again. I’m also very excited to try out the different flavour combinations! Just incase you have a glimmer of hesitation about making these brownies here are a few telltale signs that indicated the yumyumyumminess of my brownies! (Gosh I’m not very modest in this blog post am I?) Number 1: The “Can I have the recipe?” Number 2: The eye roll upwards and repeated “Mmms” Number 3: The allthebrowniesaregone (damnitthatmeansIdon’thaveanyforwhenIgethomeandIcanscoffthelotshamelesslyeventhoughIjustateamassivepicnic) – we all do it.. don’t we? Please say yes. Number 4: The “Can I have another one?” Number 5: The  muffled “This is so good” through a full mouth (plus dramatic hand gestures for a bonus) Number 1. Check. Number 2. Check. Number 3, 4 and 5. Check. Check. Check. (plus the bonus) Anyway, onto the baking. Follow the instructions on the blog I linked and here are some pictures to help you along the way! Line your tin.. Top Tip: Make an overhang with the baking paper so you can lift the brownie out easily. I recommend lifting it out with a helping hand, one person lifting from each end and the other lifting from the sides. This avoids getting a fissure-like crack in the middle of your brownie because let’s face it.. Nobody wants a fissure-like crack! Oh.. Spot ‘o GCSE geography terminology in there, cheeky! IMG_1493

Your next step will be to melt that chocolate and butter! Mmm, diabetes.IMG_1498  IMG_1501 If your hands look like this, you’re doing it right. IMG_1495

While that’s all melting down nicely, why not weigh out all the rest of your ingredients? This way, you can feel like the chefs on TV.


Now add and stir. And when your done with that, add something else and stir again!

IMG_1517  IMG_1520

Woah, woah, woahhh.. Now let’s not carried away with the stirring because now we have to fold. Let’s see that nice folding action, people!


Now pour that batter into the tin, ensuring that some of it finds its way onto your finger and into your mouth. V. important.


And now it’s time for that beautiful pink filling! Mix, mix, mix, dollop and swirl! (Don’t worry if you have cheesecake mix left over, I did too)

IMG_1547  IMG_1551 IMG_1555  IMG_1557

Pop some little gems of fruity goodness into your brownie and your good to go!

IMG_1559  IMG_1560

Now, the decision is yours. You can either sit here and salivate over my photos or you can go on ahead and make some yourself. I know what I’d dooooo!

IMG_1573 IMG_1581  IMG_1588    IMG_1599


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

  1. Süriciğim yeni receipin nefis görünüyor.Zaten bütün yazdıklarının hepsi de harika .Yalnız iki sorunumuz var.Birincisi ben şimdi çok tembel oldum,bir şeyi hazır bulursam bayılarak yerim.onun için bunları bana senin yapman lazım.İkincİ ise yaz geldi ,bunları yiyince mayolara giremiyeceğiz ,görüntümüz çok kötü olacak .En iyisi bunları kış gelince yiyelim,en azından kamufle edebiliriz:)))))Yine de ellerine sağlık xxxxxxxx

    1. anneannecigim, mesajin cok comik!!! seni cok ozledim ve insallah yaz da cok guzel vakit gecirecegiz beraber.. beraber sahane turk yemekleri yiycegiz! sen yiyebilin herseyi cunku sen her zaman guzel korunun! insallah anlayabilin kotu turkcemi! 😀 seni cok operim ❤ xxxxxxx

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