New York Food Diary Part 2: 27th-28th March 2015

Hi everybody!

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Here is the very belated Part 2 of my New York Food Diary.. Sorry about that I’ve been a tad busy with exams and all that! I hope you’re all fine and dandy and not suffering too much from my lack of blog posts. I know you must miss them all dearly. (Just say you do even if you don’t..)

This blog post is going to be a bit of a memory test for me as it has been a whole two and a bit months since I was there. But hey, whose fault is that? *raises hand shamefully*

Anywayyy, back to the important stuff: FOOD. So you’d think having just had a night filled with burgers, fries, ice-cream sundaes and cookies I would have taken it easy a bit the next day. I woke up with that intention, however I went to bed again with that now very familiar I’mabouttopopoutofmypyjamaseventhoughtheyareelasticated feeling.

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