Strawberry Milkcake

Hi everybody!


As promised in my last post, here is the majestic Strawberry Milkcake in all her glory.. I thought I’d post this before I am drowning in the swamp that we call AS Levels. I’d say I’m only at the franticlytreadingthewaterstage at the moment

So you’re probably all asking, “hey, Sureyya, what is this Strawberry Milkcake you speak of?” And I will respond to you saying well “its a gorgeous fluffy cake made with one extra super-trouper(oh! Spot o’ ABBA..)-doopa special ingredient.. And that is Strawberry Nesquik!” WHAATT?!?! Yeah, I know, wild-times… But, you know that’s me, crazy, reckless, wild…

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New York Food Diary Part 1: 25th-26th March 2015

Hi everybody!

IMG_4533 IMG_4904 IMG_4723IMG_4640 IMG_4497 IMG_4465

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with “revision” and all that.

Recently I went to New York with my History of Art class and while we were out there we ate some INCREDIBUBBLE food so I thought I would make you all very hungry by doing a couple of blog posts on everything I ate there (I ate a lot, but let’s not talk about that..), sharing some spiffing photos with you. How lovely!

So we shall begin with our first food stop… THE TICK TOCK DINER. (the airport doesn’t count, although the Pret sandwich I ate was simply delightful! I also managed to sleep through the lunch time meal on the plane so there won’t be any photos of that either, sorry!)

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