Hi everbody!


I’m going to be honest and say that this post is coming purely from procrastination. I’m doing anything to avoid doing my English essay. So, as I sit here typing on the mess that I call my bed, I am telling myself that by writing this blog post I am making progress in my career as I believe that with each blog post I write, I take a step further to reaching my career goal of being a food writer/photographer/marketer/anythingelseassociatedwithfood So yes. Productive is what I’m being. That’s what I tell myself anyway…

So whenever I write about a recipe, I tell you about the cute little story that explains why I ended up making what I made. So, here it is.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Sureyya and she went to boarding school. Sureyya went home for the weekend, a very rare occurrence, and her best friend Georgina decided to pay her a visit. Georgina and Sureyya loved each others company and had done for 14 years. They love to chat, they love to watch movies but there is one very special activity which they particularly enjoy to bond over and that is eating. Georgina and Sureyya would eat and they would giggle and they would eat some more and they would giggle some more. Georgina and Sureyya only had 2 hours to see each other but they were oh so desperate to make something, mainly so they could enjoy eating it afterwards.They decided since Easter was coming up, these Easter Nests would be just perfect and oh so darling! So they went to Ye Olde Tesco’s and bought their ingredients: chocolate, mini eggs (plus a bag extra) and shredded wheat. They returned home and here the cooking began. Georgina was melting the chocolate and Sureyya was pounding the shredded wheat as she thought of all the nasty teachers who had given her prep for the weekend. Soon the chocolate was melted, the shredded wheat was further shredded and Georgina and Sureyya spooned the mixture into the cupcakes cases and topped the nests with three coloured eggs. Although they were “starvingggg” Sureyya and Georgina were patient enough to wait for half an hour for the nests to set at room temperature. (They may or may not have had a tube of Pringles to help them through the long wait.) After half an hour of torture, they trotted on downstairs and indulged in the chocolatey treats and they lived Happily Ever After.

I dont know why I decided to go all fairytale on you guys but you know what they say “Variety is the spice of life” and all that. So, yep.

Anyway, see you next time when maybe I’ll be in less of a weird mood. I’ve gone delirious from all the prep (…I haven’t been doing) !

IMG_3760  IMG_3763

IMG_3761  IMG_3755



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