I did a bake sale… Here’s what I made!

IMG_3573  IMG_3577  IMG_3566

TRIO OF BROWNIES (The Three Musketeers of Brownie Town! My heroes ❤ Malteser, Oreo and Pretzel, what would you go for?)

Again, if this link doesn’t work just search “creme egg brownie” into the Sorted website! Use this brownie recipe but add whatever you want on top instead of creme eggs, but the creme egg ones are jolly good too!)

(Video instructions)


NUTELLA WHOOPIE PIES (taste better than they look, I promise!)

(Bake these and sandwich with nutella! **Make sure you leave plenty of space between each whoopie pie when baking as they spread a lot — I learnt this the hard way!**)


PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE (need I say more?)

https://sortedfood.com/recipe=1651 (if this link doesn’t work just search “peanut butter fudge” on the Sorted Food website!)

(Video instructions)


SALTED CARAMEL CUPCAKES (Admire from a distance, these got a bit damaged in the journey — or my piping skills are just a bit shoddy.. most probably the latter! Shhh..)

Follow this recipe


RED VELVET FINGERS (a.k.a. “No.1 Sell out”)

(Bake this recipe in a traybake tin and once baked trim the edges of the sponge to get nice neat edges. Blitz these offcuts in a food processor or crumble by hand, to sprinkle on top of your frosting later… Bake, frost, sprinkle then slice!)



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