‘S’ Biscuits from Burano


Hi everybody.. me again!

This week, I’m blogging about these little beauties! Chocolate dipped ‘S’ Biscuits or as the Italians say Bussola Buranello.. Try pronouncing¬†that!¬†If you get it right, I imagine it sounds very sexy with lots of rrrolling ‘r’s, but the way I’m saying it at the moment, it sounds a bit like a disease… I tried. So.. these are very simple biscuits which are from Italy. A little bit of history for you, Burano is an island in Venice, famous for it’s brightly coloured houses and hand-crafted lace. At the time, when these biscuits were first introduced, men used to go off on long fishing or sailing trips and so their lovely ladies would bake these biscuits which lasted a long time and were perfect for an afternoon snack! Continue reading