Hello everybody! Sorry it’s been so long! Ive missed you all greatly and welcome back!

So erm, as you know Ive been trying to cut down on the sweet stuff and I thought, what better way to cut down than having a good old fashioned chocolate brownie? Well I know what you’re all thinking, how on earth is having a large slab made of mostly butter, sugar and chocolate healthy?!


Well, my dear friends, since you are all being so naive, let me explain this to you ingredient by ingredient…

Butter – It helps for a balanced diet, you gotta get your dairy in there somehow!

Sugar – The sugar in this recipe is brown. Brown bread is healthy so that means brown sugar must be healthy too… right?

Chocolate – Chocolate is made from cacao beans from a cacao plant. Since it’s from a plant it’s basically salad and is therefore perfectly healthy to eat!

In conclusion, chocolate brownies are very healthy and you can eat as many as them, as frequently as you would like to!


So since they’re so healthy I thought, why don’t I treat myself and add a little bit of unhealthiness to them. This little bit of unhealthiness came in the shape of an Oreo. I was also excited to see the reaction of my friends when they would take their first bites into what they thought was just an ordinary gooey chocolate brownie, which is already amazing enough, and find a now very chewy Oreo biscuit in the middle! Priceless!


Since, we are now on the topic of Oreos, of course I’m going to bring up “The Oreo Debate.” Cookies VS. Creme.  Personally, I prefer the creme. Cookie lovers, please don’t hate on me, I don’t mean to offend you but I mean imagine an Oreo without the creme… it would be like eating a pizza without cheese or a smoked salmon bagel without cream cheese (if you have done any of these then shame on you, you have committed some major crimes in your life.) For me, the creme makes the cookie. It adds sweetness to accentuate the chocolatiness (yes this is a word) of the cookie and also just puts a smile on your face because you know life is good when you’ve got the perfect combo of cookies and creme in your life! Also, if it weren’t for the creme, how would you “Twist, Lick and Dunk?!” The world would end… Let me know what you think in the comments… Lets start a war! Not really, we’re all friends here! 🙂


For this lot of brownies, I used, surprise surprise, Sorted Food‘s recipe. I am what I call a Sorted Foodie. And no, that was not a Miranda reference. (It was!) I love this recipe. The brownies are just as they should be: cracked and crispy on the top and chewy and gooey in the centre! I’m dribbling a little bit just thinking about them! I have also made these brownies with Maltesers in them. As you can imagine, the chocolate coating went all melty and the malt balls went all chewy and YUMMY! I am yet to experiment with lots of other things which I have planned such as The Londoner‘s “Slutty Brownies” (cheeky!) which are made with Cookie Dough AND Oreos, oh my gaaawwwddd! Let me know if you have any interesting ideas for different variations on the brownie!


“Oh my goodness Sureyya” your saying, “how did you get your brownies so perfectly square?” Well, reader, I went to Sainsbury’s to buy my new individual tray bake tin I AM IN LOVE WITH! I was far too overexcited when I bought this and I don’t blame myself… Its the best thing to have ever been invented on this planet, in this galaxy, ON THIS UNIVERSE. When I saw Ben using one on Sorted, I said to myself, “Sureyya, you need this. You don’t want it, you NEED it!” So, I replied to myself “Oh ok, well if i NEED it then I better go buy it then, shouldn’t I?!” and then I said a quick “Yes!” to myself and 2 hours later I found myself carefully rinsing my brand new tin under the warm tap, as carefully as a mother would rinse her new born baby in the bath. And this was the start of a beautiful relationship. Are you getting a bit teary? I am.


So, in this blog post you have found out a lot about me. Not only have you found out that I am on the creme side of the Oreo debate but you have also found out that I talk to myself probably a little too much and treat my bakeware like my children. You call it “crazily obsessed,” I call it “very passionate.”

I am going to end this blog post now as I have a bowl of ripe, juicy apricots to attend to. I can hear them calling my name! I think I’m going crazy today…! Lets be honest, I am a little bit (VERY) crazy! Have a nice week everybody! See you next week, if I’m a good girl and do my blogging… Gosh I’m lazy! Bye!






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