lemon birthday cake

photo 1

Hi everybody! I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday! Yes I am, thanks for asking!

So, as it’s Great British Bake Off Night tonight I thought that we could all get into the baking spirit and bake a cake together although I am well aware that “Cake Week” was last week and it is “Biscuit Week” this week! I doubt that you are actually going to bake this tonight but if you do then that’s lovely and enjoy! Imagine, all of you beautiful people baking this cake all at the same time…What a lovely moment I’ve created! Continue reading


oreo stuffed chocolate brownies


Hello everybody! Sorry it’s been so long! Ive missed you all greatly and welcome back!

So erm, as you know Ive been trying to cut down on the sweet stuff and I thought, what better way to cut down than having a good old fashioned chocolate brownie? Well I know what you’re all thinking, how on earth is having a large slab made of mostly butter, sugar and chocolate healthy?! Continue reading